A Tragic Death

One night, after the liquidation of the Ghetto, a man named Volko Edelheit arrived at Mrs. Bilinska's door. He begged her to hide him with my father and grandparents. He had been working at the barracks factory with them and also had been a brush maker who was a tenant in one of my great-grandmother Clara Gross' apartments. He knew my grandmother was hiding there and when my father and grandfather disappeared he knewt hey where probably with her at Mrs. Bilinska's house. In order to keep them from being discovered, Mrs. Bilinska had to let him hide there. A few days later Mr. Edelheit suffered a massive heart attack and died in the cellar. Since they could not bury his body outside they had to dig a hole in the cellar floor and bury him there.


In the Spring of 1944. Mrs. Bilinska's daughter Irena married and she and her husband moved into her home. He never knew of my father or grandparents existence until after the liberation. As the front moved closer to Stryj from the west, German soldiers were billeted in Mrs. Bilinska's house for a few days. They, also, never knew of their existence.

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