A New Life Begins

The family finally heard that their sponsorship was approved. In early January 1949, they traveled by train to the port of Bremen Germany and boarded a former troop ship, the S.S. Marine Flasher, for their voyage to the United States. After a difficult voyage of 11 days on tough winter seas they arrived at the port of Boston, Massachusetts on the evening of January 17, 1949. They were met by the Red Cross who gave them food and then they boarded the train to Philadelphia. They arrived at the old North Philadelphia station where they were met by their relatives the Wilf family. Now they would begin their new life in America.

On the S.S. Marine Flasher

Father and Grandfather Samuel  My aunt Lillian and Grandmother Rose

My Father Fred and Grandfather Samuel ---- My Aunt Lillian and Grandmother Rose

My Father Fred, Aunt Lillian, Grandfather Samuel and my Grandmother Rose became naturalized citizens of the United States on July 14, 1954. My Grandfather Samuel died in 1961 and my Grandmother Rose in 1985. My Aunt Lillian has four children and four grandchildren and works as a seamstress. My father, Fred, owned and operated a carpet workroom and retired in 1980. I work currently as a free lance fine artist/graphic designer.

My father Fred and I, Howard in a recent photo
My father Fred and I, Howard in a recent photo

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